FNA Mapping License Renewed

It has been 4 years since we introduced FNA Mapping at the Kanto Clinic, and the license for the 4th year has been renewed from The Turek Clinic in the United States.

In December, mature sperm were confirmed by FNA Mapping from one of the testes of Celtri-only, whose sperm was not found in the surgery performed at the high volume facility of micro TESE in Tokyo, which is probably the most performed in Japan. Ten motile sperm were frozen in micro TESE at our hospital. After that, mature sperm were confirmed from one part of the testis by FNA Mapping. Even at the beginning of the year, mature sperm were confirmed from the fresh cases of FNA Mapping conducted, and we received many Happy New Year’s cards from people who had FNA Mapping in the past.

This year, several specialists certified by the Japanese Society of Reproductive Medicine came to visit to learn about FNA Mapping and micro TESE. We have also received requests to speak at symposiums.

Dr. Turek in the United States was pleased by the growing recognition of FNA Mapping in Japan, and received an offer to prepare a trainee program to popularize FNA Mapping in Japan.

We will continue to make efforts so that as many people as possible can have the opportunity to raise children.

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