Who We Are

Our Mission

Continuously improving, redefining, and pursuing excellence in urology and reproductive medicine has been the cornerstone of Kanto Clinic’s mission.

Guided by desirable clinical outcomes, patient safety and comfort, education, training and research, we strive to provide a superior patient experience and elevate outcomes in our respective clinical fields.


opening Hours

  • Monday9.30 - 18.30
  • Tuesday9.30 - 18.30
  • Wednesday9.30 - 18.30
  • Thursday9.30 - 18.30
  • Friday9.30 - 18.30
  • Saturday9.30 - 13.00
  • SundayClosed
  • *Closed on Public Holidays

Our Milestones


► Sole distinction of being the first male infertility treatment specialized clinic in Tohoku Prefecture.

► In addition, we offer world class quality treatment in urology, reproductive care, and internal medicine.

► We have conducted urological treatments at key hospitals in Sendai city, such as Sendai City Hospital, JCHO Sendai Hospital, Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University Hospital, and Tohoku University Hospital.
We collaborate with numerous medical facilities to offer top-level care.


Patient Care

From Start to Finish

We have adopted a system that allows patients to receive counseling without stress, even if far away or unable to make time to visit the clinic.

Patients who do not live in Sendai or who have moved away from Sendai can receive continued guidance no matter where they are.

We also offer counseling for people who are undergoing fertility treatment at other hospitals.

Reception desk at Kanto Clinic. The desk is a light-colored wood, with a plant next it and the receptionist's computer can be seen beyond the reception counter. The back wall is a darker wood, and silver metal letter outline the Kanto Clinic logo on the back wall.

The Kanto Clinic Staff

In order to support a wide range of specialized urological fields, the Kanto Clinic employs specialists in oncology, sexual function, and infertility. In addition, the clinic is the only facility in Japan that is staffed by doctors who all specialize in male infertility treatment (as of September 1, 2018).

We employ full-time coordinators certified by the Japanese Society of Reproductive Medicine and nurses certified by the Japanese Nursing Association. There are only 103 certified reproductive medicine coordinators certified by the Japanese Society of Reproductive Medicine in Japan and 4 in Miyagi Prefecture.

Through strong teamwork among our staff, we can achieve more natural pregnancies through successful male infertility treatments, and when medically necessary, promptly coordinate with other medical facilities to provide advanced reproductive medicine such as in vitro fertilization and micro-fertilization for patients.

Our Team


Dr. Kanto

Dr. Satoru Kanto

Urological Specialist

Reproductive Medicine Specialist

FNA Mapping Certified

Dr. Kanto is an experienced urologist and among the most renowned physicians in male fertility treatment and research in Japan. He treats common urological disorders as well as more complicated disorders and diseases.

Patient comfort and the highest quality of care are integral parts of his philosophy: he strives to diagnose accurately without being dependent on expensive, invasive, or painful testing. He is recognized by many to be one of the best male fertility doctors in Japan and certified as one of the top urology specialists in Sendai.

Dr. Hoshi

Dr. Senji Hoshi

Urological Specialist

Cancer Treatment Specialist

Dr. Hoshi has held a number of important positions such as Associate Professor of Department of Urology, Tohoku University School of Medicine, and Deputy Director of Yamagata Prefectural Hospital.

As a professor and a director, Dr. Hoshi is familiar with the latest cancer treatments. He has authored and co-authored numerous international papers and been a speaker at many academic conferences. He has trained numerous specialists in the Department of Urology at Tohoku University.

Dr. Namiki

Dr. Shunichi Namiki

Urological Specialist

Sexual Function Specialist

Cancer Treatment Specialist

Dr. Namiki has been a lecturer in the Department of Urology at the Tohoku University School of Medicine, and director of the Department of Urology at JCHO Sendai Hospital.

He is on the forefront of treatments related to sexual function, and has outstanding clinical research results for which he has done many presentations at academic conferences and for which he has authored many papers. He is highly regarded internationally.

Dr. Fukuzaki
Dr Atsushi Fukuzaki intro

Dr. Atsushi Fukuzaki

Urological Specialist

Nephrology Specialist

Dialysis Medicine Specialist

Occupational Physician

Dr. Fukuzaki is a professor at the International University of Health and Welfare Hospital. Formerly, he was the Deputy Director of Tohoku Kōsei Nenkin Hospital and was also a Lecturer in Urology at the Tohoku University School of Medicine. He has studied and worked abroad extensively, such as at the Washington University School of Medicine.

He is an expert in diseases of the kidneys, urinary tract, and male reproductive organs. Having a deep understanding of systemic diseases, lifestyle-related diseases, and drug effects, he views urological symptoms in terms of the whole body.

Our Team

Head Nurse

Yuri Sato, RN, BSN, CNM

Public Health Nurse

Nurse Midwife 

Reproductive Medicine Coordinator

Infertility Coordinator

Nurse Sato had previously been responsible for advanced reproductive medicine at Suzuki Memorial Hospital, Yoshida Ladies Clinic (now Sendai ART Clinic), and Kyono Art Clinic.

She has extensive experience in surgical support and patient reproductive and infertility counseling. She has assisted over 300 microscopic low-level ligations for varicocele, as well as micro-TESE surgeries.

Our Commitment

We do what we do because, ultimately, we care about our patients. We strive: for every couple to be able to have a child, and for every man and woman to leave with renewed confidence and self-esteem. Every child that our patients bring into the world reminds us of the importance of what we do.

Dr. Kanto and all of us at the Kanto clinic have a vision for the future, one that embodies quality care for all, regardless of origin and language. It is a sad fact about Japan that medical caregivers are often unable to communicate and often unable to provide the best of their abilities to non-Japanese patients. We believe that we are doing our part to improve this, by maintaining our English website in addition to our Japanese website, and by providing English language lessons to our staff.

We may not be able to communicate 100% perfectly in English every step of the way, but we are committed to doing our best for you. Whether it is an issue related to urology, or related to your health in general, we aim to provide you the same high standard of care that we expect of ourselves for each and every patient that comes into our clinic.