FNA Mapping Success

Motile sperm were recovered by FNA Mapping from people with azoospermia after cancer treatment! 

We performed FNA Mapping on those with permanent azoospermia likely caused by anticancer drug and radiation therapy. We are pleased to say that the result was the detection of mature sperm in one of 36 bilateral testes, and micro TESE was performed on the same site.

We were able to collect motile sperm for usage in fertilization. At the General Assembly of the Andrology Society held in June, we will report cases of Y chromosome gene deficiency that could be treated with FNA Mapping, and we would like to accumulate more cases regarding the effectiveness of FNA Mapping.

For those interested in receiving FNA mapping, please call us at 022-397-7762 to purchase your spot for an FNA Mapping consultation. These consultations will most likely be conducted online.

Thank you very much.

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