What is FNA Mapping

FNA Mapping, or Sperm Mapping, is a method using small needles to collect samples comprehensively from the testes. The samples are then examined fro the presence of sperm. In many cases when sperm could not be found, FNA Mapping has delivered hopeful results.

When sperm is found, the FNA Map created in the procedure informs as to where sperm was located, and becomes easy to extract for use (in vitro fertilization or sperm injection for pregnancy).

This method is much less intrusive than many other methods and, with the use of local anesthesia, is pain-free.

FNA Mapping vs FNA

Note that FNA Mapping is crucially different from FNA.
FNA is a method of sampling tissue by puncturing a single site or randomly at several sites, and is a method for confirming obstructive azoospermia in advance. Whereas, FNA Mapping is a method of systematically sampling from the entire bilateral testis using a dedicated device. With this, we are checking if there are any areas in the testes where sperm is located and can be extracted.
In order to perform FNA Mapping, three years of training and certification are required under the guidance of Dr. Turek, a former president of the American Andrology Society and a former professor of urology at UCSF.
FNA Mapping at the Kanto clinic is one of the reasons why patients come to our clinic from all over Japan, and sometimes even from abroad. If interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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