Having a Baby

The Kanto Clinic provides leading-edge reproductive male fertility surgery and medical treatment along with emotional support for reproduction-related problems.

The main goal is to help our patients achieve natural pregnancy.


Treatments and Therapy

Solving Infertility

Using cutting-edge techniques to thoroughly diagnose problems, and resolve them using a holistic approach: not only medication and surgery when required, but also with counseling and advice for improving your overall health.

Below are merely a handful of treatments and therapies that are offered at the Kanto clinic:

Microscopic Low-Level Ligation for Varicocele

Gonadotropin Therapy

Clomiphene Therapy

Kampo Therapy

Kallikrein Therapy

Antioxidant Therapy

Supplements and Vitamins

Up-to-Date Medical Drug Therapy

The infertility treatments and therapies that we provide are used individually or harmoniously to improve the constitution and quality of sperm.

This type of tailor-made approach to male infertility has a proven track record of achieving natural pregnancies that were previously impossible with assisted reproductive medicine alone. 

Similar treatments are performed in advanced reproductive medical facilities centered on in vitro fertilization and micro insemination. While treatments at the Kanto clinic are specialized on the male aspect of fertility, we work in close collaboration with reputable reproductive medicine facilities.

At the Kanto clinic, we have a reproductive medicine coordinator certified by the Japanese Society of Reproductive Medicine, an infertility-specialized nurse certified by the Japan Nursing Association, and an in vitro fertilization coordinator certified by the Japanese Society of Infertility Counseling, who are all working full-time.

An important part of treating infertility and most medical conditions in general is close coordination with patients and mutual understanding. We do our best to provide counseling to lessen the physical and mental burden for couples seeking to achieve pregnancy.

The Kanto Clinic's Focus

► Male Infertility (oligospermia, asthenozoospermia, azoospermia...).

► Male Dysfunction (erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders, weakened function...).

► Outpatient Surgery (microscopic varicocele low ligation, microscopic testicular sperm extraction...).

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding infertility.