FNA Mapping Lecture at the Annual Symposium

At the 67th Annual Symposium of the Japanese Society for Reproductive Medicine, Dr. Kanto gave a lecture on FNA Mapping and its importance.

Considering the transition from exploratory microdissection TESE to successful targeted microdissection TESE, now covered by insurance. The doctor said “I gave lectures at symposiums in the 2000s after the introduction of microdissection TESE and in the 2010s when microdissection TESE reached maturity”. “I was able to talk about it as much as I could to teach, to learn, and to discuss how these procedures and principles are changing from the past. Luckily, it seems that it is becoming more difficult to unilaterally proceed with TESE/microdissection TESE while ignoring FNA Mapping at the treatment site of azoospermia. Hopefully this will be recognized as an essential protocol and issue of consideration in the future.

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