Specialist Visitations, Thank You

[1] Dr. Kazuyasu Yamazaki of the Department of Urology at Tsukuba Gakuen Hospital came to observe FNA Mapping.

Dr. Yamazaki, a specialist certified by the Japanese Society of Reproductive Medicine and an expert in male infertility treatment, visited us to observe FNA Mapping in practice. He was impressed by seeing the actual FNA Mapping techniques in use.

He brought a lot of Ibaraki specialty potatoes. Thank you very much!

This year, we have received requests for lectures on FNA Mapping from three organizations such as academic societies, and we would like to do our best to raise awareness of FNA Mapping.

[2] Dr. Masahito Tachibana of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Tohoku University Hospital came to observe micro TESE.

Dr. Tachibana, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Tohoku University Hospital, came to observe our micro TESE / TESE with an incubator. Dr. Tachibana is the head of the reproduction group at Tohoku University, and when I was enrolled at Tohoku University Hospital in 2004, I succeeded in collecting sperm for the first time from a Celtri-only person (currently having two children). Dr. Tachibana was a mentor to me at the time and it was a real pleasure to have someone I respect at my clinic to observe our medical practice.

Dr. Tachibana has published a paper in Cell, a top medical journal in basic research, and is the only officer of the Japanese Society of Reproductive Medicine in Miyagi Prefecture. 

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