FNA Mapping Success and Growth

[1] Once again, we were able to freeze 10 motile sperms via FNA Mapping!

In a recent procedure, mature sperm were confirmed in one testis via FNA Mapping, and as a result of Targeted microTESE, many more motile sperm were confirmed within 10 minutes of commencing surgery.

The sperm was then successfully extracted and frozen into 10 individual samples.

In conclusion, we were able to reach an optimal outcome within the shortest surgical time and with minimal surgical invasiveness.

Moreover, no postoperative painkillers were needed.


[2] An update about recent symposiums:

This year, Dr. Kanto was invited as a speaker at the General Assembly of the Japanese Society of Reproductive Medicine and the General Assembly of the Japanese Society for Fertilization and Implantation to give a lecture on FNA Mapping. We hope that this wonderful technique will become common knowledge among fertility physicians in Japan.

Having said that, we are very happy to announce that, from this month, FNA Mapping has started at the Men’s Fertility Clinic Tokyo (in Gotanda)! See their website for details: <https://mens-funin.com>.

Please contact us if it is difficult to make a reservation for FNA Mapping in Sendai.

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