FNA Mapping winning over MicroTESE

From people who have not succeeded in micro TESE alone, sperm collection cases and pregnancy cases are occurring one after another through FNA Mapping!

Sperm was confirmed by FNA Mapping with patients in whom older methods of confirming sperm did not yield positive results. After finding sperm, standard bilateral testicular incision at a high-volume facility of micro TESE in Tokyo, to collect the sperm and freeze it, was possible by the subsequent micro TESE.

In addition, we were happy to hear a report that a patient’s spouse entered stable pregnancy period as a result of performing microinsemination using the sperm collected in the same case and performing embryo transfer.

On the other hand, an international paper reporting the sequelae of male hormone lowering due to micro TESE was published in April, and the sequelae will increase further with unsuccessful cases in the future due to the health insurance coverage of micro TESE from April. For us, this is a major concern. In order to reduce unnecessary micro TESE as much as possible, we would like to make efforts to educate medical personnel as well as to educate people with azoospermia. We hope to continue to teach more and more people in Japan about FNA Mapping.

By having read this short blog article, you are now one among those who have heard of it. Thank you!!!!

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